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KGI Capital is a real estate investment company that partners with investors like you to buy commercial real estate. We invest in distressed and heavy value-add properties in the midwest and southeast of USA. We specialize in investment properties with a heavy construction value-add component. Specifically, we have been focusing on office building conversions to apartments and distressed apartment community revitalizations. 

Our strategy starts with finding a property that is under market value or has value-add opportunity. Once the asset has been acquired, we complete the value-add strategy by rehabbing, improving property management, reducing expenses, maximizing occupancy & rental rates, etc. until the property is stabilized. To exit, we refinance or sell the property. 

KGI capital has been in business for 6 years and we pride ourselves with building strong, long-term relationships with our investors. 


In the five years I've known Brody, he's consistently shown a passion for finance in general and real estate investing in particular. When Brody asked if I would join him and Alex in investing in out-of-state properties, I knew it would be a good opportunity for me to gain long term income as well as learn more about real estate. He and Alex have worked hard to make the investing process as seamless and easy as possible, communicating clearly through phone, email, and well-written brochures showcasing properties. It has been my pleasure investing with Brody and Alex and I hope to continue doing so for many years in the future.” 

-David T., Equity Partner 

“I represented Alex and Brody in an investment property transaction in South Bend, IN. While this made them out of state investors they had tons of market knowledge and were eager to learn more about this market. Alex and Brody were responsive and communicated throughout the transaction whenever we ran into snags (as is sometimes unavoidable). I've worked with many investors over the years but it was truly a pleasure to work alongside them, and I hope to continue our working relationship for the foreseeable future!”

-Jen Arizmendi, Broker at Addresses Unlimited 

“Working with Alex and Brody as their property manager has been an absolute joy, they really care and are compassionate about their projects, they always have a game plan yet still are open and eager to LISTENING not just hearing other people’s ideas and concerns. Alex and Brody do their research and really have a total understanding of how investing and partnerships work successfully!!!!” 

-Heather Nalls, Broker & Property Manager at Hometown Realty of Duval    

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